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CM Primary Shredders process whole car, truck, and pre-cut OTR tires into rough shreds for disposal or further processing at high capacities.… Read More

CM Dual Speed Chipping Shredder thmb

The CM Chipping Shredder is a high capacity shredder that is a whole tire to chip system, known as the most efficient tire shredders in the industry… Read More

chip shredder

The CM Chip Shredder provides solutions for high volume production of specifically sized tire chips. The Chip Shredder is used after a classifier… Read More

H-150 car tire shredder

The CM H-150 Shredder provides solutions for medium volume car tire shredding, it can shred pre-cut truck tires and industrial materials… Read More

CM H Video Intro Screen

CM H-250 Shredder is the next generation of primary hybrid tire shredders. This durable shredder is for car, truck, and super single tires as well as … Read More

disc screen classifier

CM Disc Screens are specifically designed to sort and size tire shreds into a specific size chip. Non blinding and durable patented technology… Read More

CM offers a wide range of solutions for tire processors. CM manufactures various tire shredders, primary shredders, chipping shredders, chip shredders, and disc screen classifiers. Our versatile, precise, and durable chipping shredders are sure to leave you completely satisfied with your purchase. We supply the perfect rubber tire shredders for every step of the tire shredding process. Whether you’re breaking down whole tires, reducing rough tire shreds into specifically sized chips, or even sorting different sized chips for further processing, we can offer you the best solution for your needs. CM manufactures all the equipment necessary for reducing tires into TDF or TDA and for preparing tires for further processing.

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All CM Tire Shredders & CM Industrial Shredders equipment is proudly made in the USA at our Sarasota, Florida factory


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Cambridge ON, Canada, March 4, 2024 | Shred-Tech Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial shredding & recycling solutions, proudly announces the acquisition of CM Shredders, LLC by our parent company The Heico Companies. This strategic move is a significant step forward in enhancing Shred-Tech’s product portfolio, extending its global reach, and fortifying its North American manufacturing capabilities. Edit

Major Acquisition: Shred-Tech Corp. Expands Capabilities and Global Presence with Acquisition of CM Shredders, LLC by parent The Heico Companies