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CM Steel Liberation and Reclamation | CM Liberator

Steel Liberation & Reclamation



Steel Liberation & Reclamation

CM steel liberation and reclamation systems are the ultimate in tire wire separation technology. The CM Liberator is utilized in the production of wire-free rubber for mulch, crumb rubber, and pyrolysis feedstock. The Liberator’s unique design separates the steel wire from tire rubber in the purest form possible, allowing processors to realize another source of revenue from the scrap steel.

The steel wire reclaimed through the CM Liberator is 85-90% free of contaminate. Additional purity of the wire can be achieved with the addition of the CM Zero Waste System, which cleans the wire to lower the steel contaminate to 3% and create a higher market value for the steel wire. The CM Liberator is available in 2 size options:

  • 2R
  • 4R

CM Shredders

CM Features & Benefits

  • Patented serrated knife design for maximum cutting area
  • Different screen sizes available
  • Exclusive armor-plated rotor and rotor housing
  • Screens are easily interchangeable
  • High Horsepower
  • High Production
  • Low RPMs to reduce operating temperature
  • Reclamation of wire
  • Multiple market opportunities
  • Can add a Zero-Waste System to maximize revenue

Service and Technical Support

Refurbished & Rebuilt Equipment

CM Customer Service is Second to None – With In Stock Guarantee

We carry a complete line of replacement parts for all CM Wire Liberation and Reclamation equipment with shipping on standard parts within 24 hours.

Our dedicated Customer Service Team is available to take your part orders via e-mail, telephone or fax. We use various freight carriers to ensure you will receive your package on time and at the lowest cost.

We also provide Field Service Technicians support if your equipment needs maintenance or repairs. Depending on location, our technicians can generally be on your site within 24 hours.

All CM Tire Shredders & CM Industrial Shredders equipment is proudly made in the USA at our Sarasota, Florida factory


CM Tire Shredders / CM Industrial Shredders

A Bengal Machine brand

Corporate Headquarters: +1 941.755.2621

Customer Service : +1 941.753.2815

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Refurbished Equipment

CM offers equipment that has been refurbished at the CM factory by utilizing the frames and cutting box chambers of out of service machines. The frames and boxes are completely sandblasted, primed and repainted to be reused in building the refurbished machine. The refurbished equipment can be outfitted with new conveyors, safety and maintenance platforms for ease of maintenance. All CM refurbished equipment comes with a full one year warranty on parts and service.

Rebuilt Equipment

Additionally, CM is a full service provider for our existing customers who wish to extend the life of their equipment by offering rebuilds on any part or for the entire machine. This can be as simple as a new set of shafts or as detailed as rebuilding the entire machine. This service is offered on all existing CM Equipment.

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