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H-75 Hybrid Shredder

The CM H-75 is a medium to heavy duty dual shaft shredder that features a long cutting chamber, more horsepower, torque, and higher capacity. The H-75 is designed to process a variety of large materials such as paper, plastic, wood, electronics, metals, and refuse. The 75 HP industrial hybrid shredder from CM Shredders is recommended for bulky waste and medium to large applications.

Hardened Knife Systems – Shears are made of hardened steel that can be sharpened for multiple uses.

CM Secure Lock – An advanced knife group locking system to secure the knife group allowing the CM Hybrid shredder to hold the closest knife to knife tolerances for clean efficient cutting throughout the life of the knives.

Advanced Bearing Protection – Bearings are located outside of the shredder work area and special bearing protectors are located between the work area and bearings eliminating contamination.

Shredder Knives

Shredder cutter box

New Patented Knife Systems

Knife configurations

Features & Benefits

Shredder features and benefits


Shredder Applications


Shredder Specifications

CM H-75 Shredder Features & Benefits

• Hexagonal Shafts
• Sealed Gear Box with Oil Splash Lubrication
• Tapered Roller Bearings
• Overload Protection with Auto Reverse & Automatic Shut Down
• PLC Controlled and Monitored
• Low Speed
• High Torque
• Low Wear
• Low Noise
• Low Dust
• Low Heat
• Low Vibration

Download Brochure & Technical Specifications (PDF)

Service and Technical Support

CM Customer Service is Second to None – With In Stock Guarantee

We carry a complete line of replacement parts for all CM Industrial Dual Shaft Shredders with shipping on standard parts within 24 hours.

Our dedicated Customer Service Team is available to take your part orders via e-mail, telephone or fax. We use various freight carriers to ensure you will receive your package on time and at the lowest cost.

We also provide Field Service Technicians support if your equipment needs maintenance or repairs. Depending on location, our technicians can generally be on your site within 24 hours.

All CM Tire Shredders & CM Industrial Shredders equipment is proudly made in the USA at our Sarasota, Florida factory


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Cambridge ON, Canada, March 4, 2024 | Shred-Tech Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial shredding & recycling solutions, proudly announces the acquisition of CM Shredders, LLC by our parent company The Heico Companies. This strategic move is a significant step forward in enhancing Shred-Tech’s product portfolio, extending its global reach, and fortifying its North American manufacturing capabilities. Edit

Major Acquisition: Shred-Tech Corp. Expands Capabilities and Global Presence with Acquisition of CM Shredders, LLC by parent The Heico Companies

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