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May 28, 2020

CM News & Events

The demand for tire-derived fuel (TDF) is significantly increasing thanks to its advantages over traditional fuels, such as providing higher heating value than coal or wood. The heat produced from TDF is approximately thirty percent higher than that of coal and more than twice that of wood. TDF also provides lower sulfur oxide emissions when compared with coal, which has a higher sulfur content. Furthermore, combustion of TDF provides better operational consistency than other fuels used in waste-to-energy systems.Read More »

January 8, 2020

CM News & Events

For nearly 2 decades, Credential Environmental Limited (CEL) has been at the forefront collecting “End of Life” scrap tires in the UK and has used their experience, capability and advanced shredding technologies to recycle and safely dispose of a wide range of tires. CEL’s program is centered around the CM Dual Speed Chipping Shredder. One of CM’s most popular shredders because of its compact design and mobile option, the Dual Speed Shredder processes whole passenger, truck, SUV and semi-truck tires down to a clean-cut chip. The rubber chips are sold as tire derived fuel, tire derived aggregate, and can also be used as feedstock for crumb rubber production.Read More »

October 18, 2019

CM News & Events

Many within the recycling industry have a common misconception that, when it comes to industrial standards and environmental regulations, Mexico represents the Wild West. Waste Eco Treatment (WET) is a company located in the state of Querétaro, Mexico that is committed to breaking those perceptions, which they say simply do not reflect the reality of their country, the people, or WET’s long-standing mission to taking care of the environment through the responsible collection, storage, transportation, and recycling of hazardous waste.Read More »

October 15, 2019

CM News & Events

CM Shredders, a leading manufacturer of the world's most advanced industrial shredders and recycling systems has introduced a new single shaft shredder line featuring CM’s legendary shredding technology with four-way reversible tool steel cutting knives that can be rotated 4 times to lower operating costs, with quick access to replaceable sizing screens, and a "Smart-Ram" system that automatically adjusts ram pressure for maximum efficiency and capacities.Read More »

April 5, 2019

CM News & Events

Both CM Shredders and Schutte Hammermill are excited to join forces under the Bengal Machine banner and will be in attendance together for the first time at the 2019 ISRI ( Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries ) convention & exposition running April 8-11 at the convention center in down town Los Angeles at booth number #1902.Read More »

March 13, 2019

CM News & Events

New ownership, new products, and new verticals fuel CM Shredders technology and innovations. CM Shredders, a leading manufacturer of the worlds most advanced industrial shredders and recycling systems, will open its new test lab and R&D demo facility in North America. Located at its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, the new 4000 ft2 R&D, and demo facility will feature an array of both single shaft and dual shaft shredding systems from the company’s versatile product range. Read More »

December 12, 2018

CM News & Events

CM Shredders, Sarasota Florida - A world leading manufacturer of tire recycling systems is proud to announce the sale and commissioning of a new turnkey CM whole tire-to-chip system to Badger Materials Recycling. The flagship equipment of Badger Recycling’s new tire recycling program is centered around a new CM Dual Speed Chipping Shredder. One of the most popular shredders in its thoroughbred stable, CM has built and delivered more of these work horses than all other shredders combined. Read More »

August 26, 2018

CM News & Events

CM has been pioneering the development of tire recycling systems since 1982. CM was the first company to develop “turnkey” systems specifically designed for the reduction of scrap tires with the intent on creating valuable end products, commonly known today as tire derived materials. Our in depth knowledge of markets for products derived from scrap tires has given us the leading edge in developing tire recycling systems that create value for our customers. Over the years we have worked closely with our customers, leading industry professionals and numerous industry associates to assist in the development of innovative market driven solutions for tire derived materials. Read More »

April 20, 2018

CM News & Events

CM Shredders the global leader in producing tire recycling equipment and other size reduction and shredding solutions is proud to announce the sale of two of its signature mobile tire shredding systems. The two machines sold are capable of processing 15 tons of passenger car and truck tires to 50 X 50 MM chips.Read More »

February 5, 2017

CM News & Events

CM Shredders has announced the sale of a second Hybrid Shredder to K&S Tyre Recycling in less than a year after installing its first Hybrid Shredder back in 2016. Since, the initial installation of their CM Hybrid Shredder in 2016, K&S Tyre Recycling has experienced rapid growth. The increased capacity of the shredder has allowed them to expand their current collection network as well as expand into truck tyre collection.Read More »

October 7, 2015

Tire Recycling Business

Patented Knife Configurations

Whether you require one piece knives or replaceable knife inserts, CM has a knife configuration for your specific application. CM provides the ultimate in shredding technology for recycling. CM Shredders has expanded its patented knife systems. Knife inserts can be utilized on larger shredder models. Knife conversions are available for all models of shear shredders that currently use a one piece knife system.

The CM “Double-Stack™” and “Multi-Stack™” Knife configurations utilize replaceable knife inserts are fabricated from through hardened tool steel. The knives can be reground, repositioned and reused up to 6 times. They provide knife to knife tolerances of up to one thousandths of an inch. This allows CM shredders to produce the cleanest cut chips with the least exposed wire.

CM “Double-Stack™”

CM “Double-Stack™” utilizes replaceable knife inserts that are made of through hardened tool steel. These knives can be reground, repositioned and reused up to 3 times.

CM “Multi-Stack™”

The CM “Multi-Stack™” utilizes replaceable knife inserts that are made of through hardened tool steel. These knives can be reground, repositioned, and reused up to 6 times.

March 21, 2017

Learn Tire Processing

Stage 1 – Shredding

The reduction of whole tires down to shreds or chips utilizing A CM Primary Shredder.

Byproducts: Clean cut shreds or chips.





TDF – Tire Derived Fuel

Used as an alternative to fossil fuels. Used primarily in cement kilns, steel mills power plants and pulp and paper mills. Size range: 1″ to 4″  [25 mm to 100 mm].

Benefits: Burns hotter and cleaner than coal or petcoke.

TDA – Tire Derived Aggregate

Used as a light weight fill material for civil engineering projects such as: back fill, slope stabilization, embankments, drainage and sound abatement. Size range: 100mm to 400mm [4″ – 16″].

Benefits: Very durable, excellent drainage, reduces vibrations, insulates and lasts a long time.

CM Equipment Used for Stage 1

CM Primary Shredder – Used to make larger cuts or single pass
CM Chipping Shredder – Used for TDF to make smaller cuts
CM Chip Shredder – Used for TDF to make    smaller cuts
CM Disc Screen
Assorted conveyors

Primary Shredder

Used to make larger cuts

Secondary Chipping Shredder

Used to make clean cut TDF

Disc Screen

Used to size material


Shredder + Disc Screen = TDF or TDA

March 21, 2017

Learn Tire Processing

Stage 2 – Liberation

Tire shreds from a CM Primary shredder are introduced to the CM Liberator which removes the steel wire from the rubber fraction. Further reduction of the shred into ground wire-free rubber feedstock is accomplished. Clean steel is separated for resale. Fiber is extracted using a dust collection/air system.

By Products: Wire free crumb rubber – 44 mm to 16 mm [1.75” to .625”] Clean steel up to 98 % free of contaminants





Additional Revenue Stream


Rubber Mulch

Used for landscaping

 Benefits: Deters insects, drains well, water gets to the plants, long lasting, does not fade, blow away or disintegrate, reduces weed growth and reduces soil erosion.

Playground and Equestrian Footing

Used as a loose cover for playgrounds or horse arenas.

 Benefits: Softer cushion for falls, long lasting, does not blow away, deters insects, comes in many colors!

Wire Free TDF

Used for waste to energy, pyrolysis or gasification applications

 Benefits: Results in high grade carbon char and makes excellent feedstock for syngas and bio-diesel fuels.

CM Equipment Used for Stage 2

CM2R Liberator – for smaller operations
CM4R Liberator – for larger operations
Belt Magnet
Steel Reclaim System with drum magnet (recommended for best quality clean steel)
Assorted conveyors
Air/dust collection system (optional)

CM4R Liberator


Stage 1 Equipment + CM Liberator + CM Steel Reclaim System (recommended)
Rubber Mulch, Loose Playground/Equestrian Footing, Wire Free TDF
and Clean Steel Ready for Resale

March 21, 2017

Learn Tire Processing

Stage 3 – Granulation

The Granulator can accept 25 mm [1″] wire-free crumb rubber and process it down to 4 mm rubber granulate. At this stage, screens are used to size the material and an air system is used to extract the nylon fiber.

Products: Crumb Rubber







Artificial Turf

Rubber crumb placed between the blades of synthetic grass. Used in soccer, baseball and football fields globally.

 Benefits: Softer for falls, lasts a long time, less maintenance than a grass field, drains quickly for a drier, cleaner playing surface.

Pour in Place Surfaces

Used for running tracks, rubber tiles, pour in place surfaces, landscaping, and mats.

Benefits: Excellent drainage, lasts a long time, can be colored, less maintenance, very durable, absorbs impacts from trips and falls.

Rubber Molded Products

Used for running tracks, rubber tiles, pour in place surfaces, landscaping, and rubber mats.

 Benefits: Excellent drainage, lasts a long time, can be colored, less maintenance, very durable, absorbs impacts from trips and falls.

CM Equipment Used for Stage 3

CM Granulator
Air gravity table with de-stoner
Multi deck screen for sizing material
Drum magnet
Assorted conveyors


Stage 1 Equipment + Stage 2 Equipment + CM Granulator,
Air gravity table/destoner, multi-deck screen and drum magnet
4 mm crumb rubber for artificial turf, pour in place surfaces and rubber molded products

March 21, 2017

Learn Tire Processing

Stage 4 – Milling & Screening

The Dual Drive Crackermill will accept 4-8 mm crumb rubber and further process it into fine powders ranging from 10 to 80 mesh. The final stage in tire recycling, this stage produces clean rubber powder.

Products: Fine rubber powder

Rubberized Asphalt and Molded Rubber Products



Rubberized Asphalt

A unique blending of powdered tire rubber, aggregate and special binders make for exceptional roadway and other paving projects.
 Benefits: Exceptional drainage, resistant to freezing temperatures, quieter than traditional paving, less cracking over time, uses less thickness than traditional asphalt, safer for the driver.

Injection or Molded Products

The rubber powder is mixed with a binding agent to mold into a wide variety of new products such as auto parts, shoe soles, exercise mats, and is also used in building construction for the reduction of vibration or sound absorption on both floors and flat roof projects.

 Benefits: Durable, lasts a long time, binds with a wide range of different polymers, used in many industries.

CM Equipment Used for Stage 4

CM Dual Drive Crackermill
Final sizing screen
Bagging station(s)
Assorted conveyors


Stage 1 Equipment + Stage 2 Equipment + Stage 3 Equipment +
CM Dual Drive Crackermill and Final Screening system
10 – 80 Mesh Rubber Powders used for Rubberized Asphalt, and Molded rubber products

February 16, 2017

Tire Recycling Business

CM offers equipment that has been refurbished at the CM factory by utilizing the frames and cutting box chambers of out of service machines. The frames and boxes are completely sandblasted, primed and repainted to be reused in building the refurbished machine.Read More »

All CM Tire Shredders & CM Industrial Shredders equipment is proudly made in the USA at our Sarasota, Florida factory


CM Tire Shredders / CM Industrial Shredders

A Bengal Machine brand

Corporate Headquarters: +1 941.755.2621

Customer Service : +1 941.753.2815

Fueling technology and innovation for today and beyond, CM Shredders has long been at the forefront of game-changing innovations. CM’s shredders and recycling systems are hard at work in hundreds of locations spanning 5 continents in more than 28 countries and are processing over a half a billion tires each year worldwide.

CM Shredders utilizes cutting-edge, patented knife technology that has been tested and perfected in the demanding world of tire processing. CM Shredders has a longstanding reputation of being the most durable, reliable, and advanced equipment in the industry.

On December 28, 2018 CM was acquired and joined the Bengal Machine family of size reduction companies, which includes its sister company, Schutte Hammermill, a New York-based manufacturer that has developed an extensive line of size reduction equipment that includes hammer mills, lump breakers, crushers, and shredders that provide a consistent and exact finished particle size.

Refurbished Equipment

CM offers equipment that has been refurbished at the CM factory by utilizing the frames and cutting box chambers of out of service machines. The frames and boxes are completely sandblasted, primed and repainted to be reused in building the refurbished machine. The refurbished equipment can be outfitted with new conveyors, safety and maintenance platforms for ease of maintenance. All CM refurbished equipment comes with a full one year warranty on parts and service.

Rebuilt Equipment

Additionally, CM is a full service provider for our existing customers who wish to extend the life of their equipment by offering rebuilds on any part or for the entire machine. This can be as simple as a new set of shafts or as detailed as rebuilding the entire machine. This service is offered on all existing CM Equipment.

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