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CM Granulators use V-Force knife technology to reduce material size. High RPMs and unique cutting action process material into particles… Read More

CM Granulators

The VFG 1600 is a medium duty granulator that reduces material at high speeds, preparing materials to a granular size for recycling… Read More

CM Granulator

The VFG 2000 processes material into smaller particle sizes at a very high capacity and prepares the material for further processing and recycling… Read More

CM industrial granulators reduce material into very small particle sizes ranging from 4 mm to 10 mm, according to the screen size utilized within the granulator. CM Granulators utilize V-Force knife technology and run at high speeds to reduce the size of the material with the closest shearing action possible. A smaller material size helps to make the recycling process much easier when working with raw materials. CM is currently offering three different industrial granulator options, each including a wide range of interchangeable rotors and hopper sizes. This allows users to tailor the machines to almost every application in the recycling field such as plastic, polypropene, HDPE, rubber, and copper. These granulators have capacities that range from 2 tons per hour to 9 tons per hour to help boost your production. With VFG model size options available ranging from light-duty to medium-duty and heavy-duty granulators, we have the right granulation product to meet your industrial material recycling needs. We create each machine using completely welded heavy steel construction and design them to withstand the most demanding and universal applications. CM can design a granulation system for your specific application to include conveyors, screening tables, and air filter systems.

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All CM Tire Shredders & CM Industrial Shredders equipment is proudly made in the USA at our Sarasota, Florida factory


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Fueling technology and innovation for today and beyond, CM Shredders has long been at the forefront of game-changing innovations. CM’s shredders and recycling systems are hard at work in hundreds of locations spanning 5 continents in more than 28 countries and are processing over a half a billion tires each year worldwide.

CM Shredders utilizes cutting-edge, patented knife technology that has been tested and perfected in the demanding world of tire processing. CM Shredders has a longstanding reputation of being the most durable, reliable, and advanced equipment in the industry.

On December 28, 2018 CM was acquired and joined the Bengal Machine family of size reduction companies, which includes its sister company, Schutte Hammermill, a New York-based manufacturer that has developed an extensive line of size reduction equipment that includes hammer mills, lump breakers, crushers, and shredders that provide a consistent and exact finished particle size.