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CM Shredders & Waste Eco Treatment Team Up in Mexico

CM Shredders & Waste Eco Treatment Team Up to Turn Waste into Energy in Mexico

Sarasota, Florida, USA – October 18, 2019

Many within the recycling industry have a common misconception that, when it comes to industrial standards and environmental regulations, Mexico represents the Wild West. Waste Eco Treatment (WET) is a company located in the state of Querétaro, Mexico that is committed to breaking those perceptions, which they say simply do not reflect the reality of their country, the people, or WET’s long-standing mission to taking care of the environment through the responsible collection, storage, transportation, and recycling of hazardous waste.

Earlier this year, CM Shredders, a leading manufacturer of some of the world’s most advanced industrial shredders and recycling systems, introduced a new line of single shaft shredders that have the ability to provide a consistent and exact finished particle size for a wide range of applications. The new CM SOLO series single shaft shredders line is their first product developed in conjunction with CM’s new sister company, Schutte Hammermill; a New York-based manufacturer that has developed an extensive line of size reduction equipment that includes hammer mills, lump breakers, crushers, and shredders.

The announcement was received with great fanfare throughout the size reduction & recycling industry at both the ISRI convention in Los Angeles and the Waste Expo in Las Vegas. This palpable industry excitement caught the eye of Santiago Ortega, an executive at WET, who had been on a mission for over a year to find the right equipment and partner for their company’s ambitious expansion plans. Mr. Ortega has toured across the globe attending recycling conventions, expositions and visiting recycling equipment manufacturers. “We researched, viewed, and climbed all over recycling equipment from Europe to China, and admittedly, we probably had way too many boxes to check on our mission to find the perfect machine and manufacturing partner who we could count on for the long run” said Mr, Ortega. “What really caught our attention was the news that two of the best-in-class premium shredding & size reduction equipment manufacturers in the world had combined equipment and expertise to develop turn-key solutions to process nearly every market we are servicing with a single machine.”

“WET approached us with a substantial list of applications and very specific sizes for each material they wanted to process all within one machine” said Mario Vazquez, Sales and Marketing Director at CM Shredders. “One day WET could be processing textiles and the next they could be running scrap wood or pallets, plastics, paper, carpet, or a plethora of other materials for recycling and biofuel feedstock. We accepted and welcomed that challenge” said Vazquez. An invitation was scheduled for the WET team to visit and run tests on dozens of materials at CM’s Research & Development facility in North America.

Located at CM’s headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, the new 4,000 sf facility features both dual shaft and single shaft shredding systems from the company’s versatile product line. It was quickly evident to WET that the CM SOLO Series shredder was the machine and that CM Shredders was the partner they had been searching for. “Regardless of the products or materials we threw at them, CM had the technology, equipment, innovation, and expertise to deliver reliable, high-performance solutions to any of our recycling applications” said Ortega. “We purchased and commissioned our first CM SOLO shredder that same day.” Vazquez added, “We will be able to not only develop processes but also help out WET with a proactive approach when facing the challenges of today’s production environments, whether through test shredding, applications, developing turn-key systems, training support, or R&D work. We will work closely and proactively with key suppliers and other industry experts to find solutions that help them improve and optimize their current operations.”

The CM SOLO shredders line features CM’s world-renowned shredding technology, replaceable sizing screens, and a “Smart-Ram” system that automatically adjusts ram pressure for maximum efficiency. Ruggedly built and engineered for performance, durability, and the lowest cost of operation in the industry. The CM SOLO Series is designed for less power usage, minimal dust, and reduced manpower requirements. Available in 5 models with the choice of 12”, 15”, or 20” rotor diameter, and power-train options from 30 Hp up to 125 Hp and feature four-way reversible tool steel cutting teeth to handle anything from small applications to large-scale size reduction operations.

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For more information on the CM SOLO Series Single Shaft Shredders visit: https://cmshredders.com/industrial-shredders/single-shaft-shredders/

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Schutte Hammermill products are known worldwide for their rugged construction, economical price, day-in-day-out dependability and a line of the highest quality, on-demand factory replacement wear parts. Founded in 1928, Schutte Hammermill products are proudly manufactured in Buffalo, New York (USA).
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