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What is a Scrap Tire

  • What is scrap tire processing?
  • What makes up a tire?
  • How much does a tire weigh?
  • Common Tire Terms
What is scrap tire processing?

Any method of size reducing whole scrap tires to facilitate recycling, energy recovery or disposal.

What makes up a tire?

Synthetic Rubber
Natural Rubber
Sulfur and sulfur compounds
Phenolic resin
Oil: aromatic, naphthenic, paraffinic
Fabric: Polyester, Nylon, Etc.
Petroleum waxes
Pigments: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, etc.
Carbon black
Fatty acids
Inert materials
Steel Wire

How much does a tire weigh?

New car tire weighs 11.34 kg or 25 lbs
A scrap passenger car tire weighs 10.2 kg (22.5 lbs.)

A passenger car scrap tire contains (by weight):

70% recoverable rubber
12-13% steel
16-17% Nylon fiber, fillers, accelerators, inert materials etc.

New semi-truck tires weighs 54.4 kg (120 lbs.)
A scrap semi-truck tire weighs 49.9 kg (110 lbs.)

A US semi-truck scrap tire contains (by weight):

70% recoverable rubber
15% steel
3% fiber
12% extraneous material (inert materials)

Common Tire Terms

Passenger Tire
A tire found on passenger cars only.

SUV Tire
A heavier duty tire found on Sport Utility Vehicles, Pick-up Trucks, Vans and Service Vehicles.

Light Truck Tire
Tires manufactured specifically for commercial truck and Tractor-Trailer use.

Heavy Truck Tire
Heavy duty commercial truck tires 385mm wide and greater, also known as Super Single Truck Tires.

Off the road tire (OTR)
Tires designed primarily for use on unpaved roads or where no roads exist, built for ruggedness and traction rather than for speed. OTR tires are tires that are designed and built for use on unpaved surfaces, installed on equipment such as wheel loaders, end dumps, scrapers, cranes, graders, haul trucks, and straddle carriers. Every major tire manufacturer builds tires that fit on pick-up trucks, dump trucks, or tractor-trailers that are designed to be used off the road at some time. Farm tires are used almost entirely off the road. However, these types of tires are not considered OTR tires.

Mining Tires aka: Earth Mover Tires are incorrectly classified as an OTR tire, however they should be consider as a separate category.

Considered to be among the largest tires in the world, an average mining tire is in excess of 12 to 14 feet in diameter and can weigh as much as 8 to 12 tons each.

The equipment and tires used in mining applications are subjected to severe conditions both above ground and underground. The mining surfaces are generally not well maintained and are laden with rock, sand, gravel, damp soil conditions and often oil contaminated water.

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